Have you ever wondered how sweet it would be to win a grand prize that could change your life?

Willy’s wealth has allowed him to build an Ice Cream factory where he produces irresistible Ice Cream for the masses. Willy’s famous Ice Cream is the hit of the Suntown store. The demand for his Ice Cream is through the roof. Willy decides to make a “Golden Ticket” Ice Cream bar for one lucky winner in town. The town is blown away by the news! What sweet surprise will the winner receive?

Willy and the Ice Cream Factory teaches kids the concepts of:

  • Philanthropy
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Architecting Life
  • The Power of Dreaming Big

Go on a mission with Willy to see what it's like to design a life that's centered around philanthropy... a life that can change someone else's life in an instant. Achieve this mission with him exclusively in Willy and the Ice Cream Factory